A Guide to Electric Lift Chair Selection

There are situations when one of your loved ones is incapable of walking or standing on his two feet. In fact, some medical conditions also hinder them from being able to do things on their own despite their own willingness. And because it is impossible to keep them confined in beds, you need an equipment that will allow them to sit and recline comfortably. For such ease, you better get an electric lift chair.

What is an electric lift chair?

The electric lift chair is a piece of furniture that somebody who is known to have some certain weakness or poor balance can acquire. This may not be the most apt equipment to use for everyone with poor balance, but a good choice of this kind will allow the user to have his or her legs elevated and lessen the chances of falling should the person prefer to rise from the previous sitting position.

What is good about these lift chairs is that they don't actually look like a piece of medical equipment when they are used at home. Thus, they pass as typical recliners. They utilize the power of a motor in order to either raise or lower the chair.

So, when it is unused, it remains in its "up" position and when the user is about to use it, the chair automatically and gradually lowers.

When buying, here is a checklist for you.

Prior to buying the equipment, you must first check on the available space in the room where it will be placed. When you do have a very limited space, get a lift chair that is designed not too eat too much of the empty space behind. The so called "wall hugger" chair move forward instead of back toward the wall whenever the sitter lounges.

Ask the person if he or she will be completely reclining. If yes, you can opt for the three-position chair. If not, settle for the two-position chair.

Check the weight that the chair can handle. Get one that will not leave the feet dangling in the air when the person is seated.

Study the component of the chair. Check where the controls are positioned. It matters that you see if the user will be able to use his or her strong arms in pushing some controllers.

Know when there comes a battery backup should there be power interruption.

Look for chairs with easy to clean upholsteries. Remember that it must be maintained to be clean.

Know the guarantees and warranties. The motors wear out over time so better be sure that replacements are covered for some time.

Because normally the health care policies don't cover for the cost of the purchase of a lift chair, it is important that you carefully do your research to be able to find the best piece. You can either purchase a brand new or used equipment. When not thoroughly checked, the electric lift chair may be risky for the user. So, use your wise judgment when buying!


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