A Quick View at Some of the Popular Livestock Options

What are your options when it comes to livestock farming? If you are on the planning stage, you must have an idea now what kind of farm animals you want to raise as well as your goals for managing your farm. The following are the various options available for people who want to raise farm animals as a business or a hobby.

1. Horses
Breeding horses may seem exciting for people who love farm animals. But if your goal is to earn consistent income out of breeding horses, then you may be better off considering other options. That does not mean, though, that you can never earn profit at all when you raise horses. If your passion really lies in breeding horses for profit, then you can look for the more profitable breeds such as Friesians, Fell Ponies, Gypsy Cobs, and Vanners.

2. Sheep
When it comes to financial rewards, you can never go wrong with raising sheep. You can make money with sheep in different ways. Their meat is in demand especially during Muslim, Christian, and Jewish holidays, not to mention that the prices of lamb has remained strong over the years.
Milk cheese is another product from sheep that can rake in lots of profit. The fleece coming from sheep is made into wool, and wool produces consistently make money out of raising sheep.

3. Cattle
Beef cattle are a perfect option for hobby farmers since these animals do not require a great deal of maintenance. In addition, their meat is very much in demand in the market. You don?t have to sweat much when raising beef cow compared to other farm animals. Their diseases can also be easily treated by local veterinarians, so you don?t have to shell out a lot of money or to visit far places to have your ill cows treated by a specialist.
Another reason for raising beef cattle is that the prices of beef has surged in the recent years and have stayed that way since then. That means huge profits when you breed meat-producing cattle.

4. Pigs
Raising pigs can be a very enjoyable endeavor, as they are easily cared for. As long as your pigs are raised and treated humanely, their pork will be very much in demand in the market. However, the low prices of pork and the high overhead costs are keeping may hog operators to earn much profit from their pigs. That being said, you must be sure that you tap only profitable markets to ensure income from your piggery.

5. Rabbits
Rabbits are mostly raised as pets, but some are for the meat and fiber they provide. If you want to make profit out of raising bunnies, you must be able to find buyers of meat rabbits.

6. Goats
Did you know that 70% of people around the world consume goat meat on a regular basis? Yes, goats make a profitable livestock option because of the large demand and market for it. Aside from meat, goats are raised for their milk and fiber.


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