Setting up A Discus Fish Tank: Helpful Tips to Raise Your Discus Fish

As an aquarist, you probably know that discus fish are one of the most sought after species of fish today. They are colorful and they are also fun to watch inside the aquarium. However, the problem with discus fish is that they are very hard to maintain. You need to have the proper aquarium setup in order for you to successfully raise them and even breed them.

You have to remember that discus fish are very sensitive animals that need to be watched constantly. Basically, they will need extremely clear water and you also have to maintain the temperature as well as the pH level of the water at a constant level. Also, you need to monitor the quantity of heavy metals, nitrites, nitrates, and ammonia in the water.

It is highly recommended that as a discus fish owner, you need to use a reverse osmosis filtration unit inside the fish tank where you keep the discus fish. This is quite advantageous and will make it easier for you to maintain the quality of water but they are not really considered as a necessity. You have to remember that reverse osmosis filtration unit cost a lot of money. And, if you are just starting out raising discus fish, you will see that the price of this kind of filter is enough reason not to put one in your tank.

When you are setting up your discus fish tank, it is important to remember that you have to add a water conditioner in the tap water, which you will doubtlessly use. This will do the job in taking out the chlorine as well as other chemicals present in the water. Keep in mind that discus fish thrive in softer water. If your tap water is filled with chemicals, then the fish will not survive that long.

You also have to remember that discus fish likes to live in large areas of water. So, you may want to buy a larger fish tank in order for you to make sure that the discus fish will be comfortable and not get subjected to a lot of stress. Also, you may want to keep in mind that the water in larger fish tanks are a lot easier to maintain than water in small fish tanks.

The placement of the aquarium or fish tank where you plan on putting in the discus fish will also matter. Make sure that you don?t place them in an area where it gets a lot of direct sunlight. Doing so will cause too much plant expansion, which will scale back the oxygen concentration inside the fish tank. You should also avoid placing the tank in areas in your home that gets too much traffic. This will simply subject your discus fish with high levels of stress, which will eventually mean that they will be more prone to sickness.

Lastly, make sure that the fish tank resembles the natural environment where they lived before. So, avoid putting plastic mermaids and castle decorations. Instead, try to put rocks and a couple of driftwood as this will mimic their natural environment where they will be more at ease.

Remember these tips and you can be sure that you will be able to keep your discus fish for a very long time.


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