The Perfect Fish Species to Include In a Discus Fish Tank

A lot of people believe that a discus fish aquarium should only be dedicated to discus fish alone. However, you need to keep in mind that although discus fish are considered to be high maintenance fish, you will find that there are other species that can also thrive with the discus fish. And, the best thing about these fish species is that they go along with discus fish and can really enhance the look of your discus fish aquarium.

You have to remember that discus fish are schooling fish that likes to be kept in small groups of five to eight. They need security of a school around them and getting them in groups will help in reducing their stress levels and also help in keeping them happy. Another advantage of keeping them in groups is that you are actually increasing their chances of mating and breeding and produce more discus fish, which you can keep or even sell for profit.

Although discus fish are very beautiful on its own, you can increase the appeal of your discus fish aquarium by adding other species of fish. Discus fish will feel comfortable with small schooling fish, such as characins. When your discus fish see the characins in the open, they will feel that they are safe to swim around the aquarium and will be more active. A large school of characins, such as the Cardinal Tetra, Rummy Nose, or the Neon Tetras go well with discus fish.

This will also help emulate their natural habitat more and both types of fishes flourish well in the same water conditions.

You can also include most peaceful and slow moving South American fish as well as Dwarf Cichlids with the discus fish. However, you just do so if the other fish doesn?t compete for space and food with the discus fish.

Blue and Golden Gouramis can also be included in the discus fish tank but are not recommended because they are more aggressive in nature. Another fish that goes well with discus fish is the Corydoras. These are small and peaceful catfish that does a great job as a bottom feeder. Get a couple of these fishes and they will be able to help keep your tank clean.

Although Angelfish can look great with the discus fish, it is not recommended for smaller discus fish tanks. This is because Angelfish can grow very large and can bully the discus fish. They may even outcompete the discus fish for food and they may also carry diseases that the discus fish are prone to catch. This combination is possible but it will require a much larger aquarium and also a skilled aquarist.

Another great fish that can complement your discus fish is the Blue Ram, which is a beautiful dwarf cichlid. This fish will go well with your discus fish and it can further enhance the overall look of your aquarium.

These are some of the fish species that can go well with your discus fish. By keeping these things in mind, you will be able to have an idea what kind of fish species to get to accompany your discus fish in the aquarium.


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