Some Really Really Good Reasons Why You Should Get Yourself An iPad

So many people the world over have already started loathing the idea of buying and carrying around the supersized, not-so-cool tablet PC called iPad. Many say it?s a big disappointment and definitely not worth the $499 tag price. But many people are on the other side of the fence. So why you should get yourself an iPad?

Because it's downright cool.
Let's be honest with ourselves for the moment, shall we? We all want iPad because it is currently the coolest thing in the world. Forget the price, forget the geeks' ranting about its limitations and just think about that sleek, sexy screen, that flawless aluminum back and that almighty software that has more power in it than you can ever imagine, and it won't take you long to love the device. And it is the vanity of vanities but we know that this one is an eye-catcher. Who wouldn?t love to catch other people's attention because of a cool device?

Because it is a Kindle killer.
Maybe not entirely a Kindle killer, it's not a dedicated e-reading device after all. But for a multifunctioning device that delivers premium media-playing capabilities, iPad is certainly cannibalizing Kindle's sales. So much thought have been thrown in to make iPad a decent e-reader and for that alone, it is worth looking into. And besides knowing Steve Jobs, his claim about picking up from where Amazon has started is certainly something you can watch out for.

Because it is a major gaming platform.
No one claimed that iPad is a major gaming platform. It probably is not. But for the quality of gaming experience it can deliver, it can certainly perform at par with some gaming consoles. Plus with the thousands of applications you can choose from, the multitouch screen capabilities, the landscape-to-portrait switching of the glossy screen, you certainly will get more than what you initially expected. Gaming in iPad just an added-value feature? Maybe. But for an added value feature, this exceeds the reasonable expectations of reasonable people.

Because of its applications.
How about having access to more than 150,000 apps? This just shows how much you can do with your iPad. From making stick-it-notes on your homepage to running 3D games and mapping systems, true to Apple's tagline, iPad simply has every application you need. And soon, developers will be adding to the extensive selection of apps already available in Apple app store.

Because it's portable.
You may hear people complain about its 1.5 pounds weight, but really when you come to think of it, no other device that does what iPad does is as light as it is. It is not a stretch to say that people who have some portability issues with Apple's iPad are just picking on it. At 1.5 pounds, this is as portable as you can get.

Because it's an instant device.
There are days when we are not comfortable being burdened with a heavy laptop or desktop OS running in the background. During those days, iPad is the perfect solution. It is a perfect device for watching videos, listening to music, surfing the net and playing games on the go.


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