Getting Started In Growing Indoor Lilies

If you live in countries that don?t have tropical climate and you want to grow lilies, then you can keep these indoors. Potted lilies have been a popular option for people in cold places because these are easy to maintain and are very attractive when its flowers bloom.

Ideally, lilies should be grown outdoors because it needs a great amount of sunlight. But, to those who want to grow lilies inside their house, they can still do by ensuring that there is enough light or sunlight, air and moisture to keep these alive.

When buying and transporting lilies for the first time, make sure the plant is well-kept by placing it in a box or wrapped in newspaper to ensure its stem will not break or its leaves will not be torn in anyway.

Also, consider the span of time you will carry the lily to your car because it can damage the plant if the temperature is not right. Inside the car, make sure to place the lilies in front of the car before turning on the heater. Make sure that you do not place the plant inside the trunk because it?s too cold.

Taking care of indoor lilies

If you plan to keep lilies inside your home, being familiar with indoor gardening is a must. This will ensure that you can take care of the indoor lilies plants properly. You can read up on basic gardening will help you a lot. You can also get reference from various gardening sites in the Internet or you can but agriculture and other gardening magazines.

Once you have basic knowledge on keeping a garden inside your house, you can now start growing indoor lilies on your very own space. The first consideration in growing indoor lilies is the type of ideal for the space. There are two popular types of lilies, the ?Asiatic? and ?Oriental.? These come in small species that are ideal for small and shaded spaces.

Since lilies are ornamental plants, you can place these in containers for easy maintenance. In choosing which variety to grow, make sure that you buy one of each first and try it out. If the type bloom and grow in your space well, that?s the time that you can buy additional potted lilies.

To ensure that the lilies will grow well, consider the amount of sunlight it needs. If you are in a cold place, you need to place the plant in an area where it can be exposed in sunlight the whole time.

Another major consideration in keeping indoor lilies is the soil that you will place in its pot. Since soil is the major lifeline of the lily plant, make sure that you choose the best quality to keep it thriving.

Experts say that clay is considered as the most ideal type for indoor lilies since this has high retention that can hold as many nutrients as possible. If clay is not available, you can use the ordinary garden soil. Just make sure that you supply it with organic matter such as decayed plants, fruit peels, vegetable stalks, and manure of animals to ensure that it can supply the needs of the indoor lily.


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