Keeping Peace Lilies At Home

Lilies make a wonderful addition to your home decoration and garden. They can also be used to decorate special occasions like weddings, since they have these elegant look which is available in different color combinations. One of the most popular kind of lilies kept in homes is the peace lily.

Why peace lilies?

There are numerous studies showing the peace lilies were able to reduce the growth of molds. How? Peace lily leaves would absorb mold organisms and use these organisms as food for the roots. Mold formations can trigger sneezing, allergic reactions and in serious situations, breathing problems.

Aside from mold organisms, the leaves can also absorb vapors coming from acetone and alcohol. Research showed that exposure to chemicals like these could cause dizziness, muscle weakness and dry eyes. Molds can grow in bathrooms and shower curtains because of the moisture and lack of ventilation. It is also usual to find acetone and similar chemical vapors in bathrooms because of grooming and cleaning products which are stored in the room.

In fact, a NASA-conducted study and the Associated Landscape Contractors of America considered peace lily as one of the best houseplants since it could help in purifying indoor air.

Peace lily, aside from its health benefits, is also a popular house plant since it could grow steadily even in limited home conditions. Here are some tips in keeping your peace lily happy in your home:

? Temperature. Peace lilies are best kept in temperatures not dropping 55 Fahrenheit.

? Sunlight. Filtered light or a semi-shaded environment is what peace lilies need. Bright and direct sunlight could cause their leaves to get damaged.

? Water. No need to water too much, especially during winter. Also, do not allow the plant to have standing water. To know if you need to water your peace lily, check the soil if it is still moist. Also check the leaves of the plant, if it is slightly drooping then you may want to add the frequency of watering the plant.

? Fertilizer. Adding fertilizer once a month would be enough. Make sure to use water-soluble houseplant fertilizer.

Since, they could be maintained easily, there are some additional steps that you could to keep your peace lilies healthy. You could wipe its large leaves with a damp cloth, to remove dirt and dust. Peace lilies are also susceptible to pests, so check fore mite infestation. You could easily reduce risks by wiping the leaves like when removing the dirt. Be sure to remove dead flowers and leaves, so that the lily would grow eventually grow more flowers and foliage.

Word of caution against peace lilies, make sure that children and pets do not eat the leaves. For children, it could cause mouth ulcerations and vomiting. It has more dangerous effects on animals. Even a small amount could be lethal for your household pets.

If you suspect that your child or pet has ingested peace lily leaves, then make sure that they would be getting necessary medical attention. Also, for the everybody?s safety, make sure your peace lilies are located in areas where it is far from children and pet reach. Peace lilies are surely a great choice in adding color and freshness whether it is in your home or office.


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