Gardening Tips: Keeping Your Lilies Blooming

Lilies, are not only for gifts for sorrowful occasions, they can also be given during anniversaries, used in weddings and home decorations. They are very fragrant and available in any color or color combination.

There are two ways in planting lilies: it could be through planting seeds or bulbs. When planting bulbs, it is important to choose bulbs which have sprouts just starting to show and free from any infestation or discoloration. Planting the lily bulbs and seeds is the first step, caring for them can be more difficult.

? Taking care of your lilies.

If you buy a lily bulb in good and healthy condition and take good care of it, then it is possible that it could bloom in its first year. The key to having healthy and blooming lilies would be knowing the characteristic of the particular lily breed you have. For example, Asiatic lilies need full sun, even in the heat of summer. There are some who would need light shade.

It is best to plant the lily bulbs immediately after buying them since they do not have the protection or covering which is present in other plant bulbs. If it is not possible, then keep them inside the fridge or a vegetable crisper.

However, don?t get the impression that lily plants are fussy. They are not really particular with soil type. You just need a well-drained soil so the bulbs will not rot. Look for a garden section where the rain water does not accumulate. If there is non available, then you could raise the beds a bit. Put some mulch around the lilies to keep the soil moist. During winter, cover the bed with straw and evergreen. This would keep the lilies from being frozen.

Spring would be the best time to apply fertilizers with phosphorus-rich formula. When applying these fertilizer, always follow the label directions. Be careful when cultivating the soil, if the lily shoots get damaged, it is possible that they would not regenerate. Be careful for letting water in when cultivating.

For daylilies, it is best to lift and divide the plants, especially if it looks overcrowded. Daylilies are also great since they would not need extra watering especially if they are already established in the place where they are planted. You just need to put some pines straw to cover the ground, to keep the weeds away and also contain the moisture inside.

? Pest control.

One of the major lily problems are pests like the lily leaf beetle. They target the flowers and leaves and could leave serious effects on the lily bulbs. Although, these beetles could be removed with chemical pesticides, experts recommend that the bulbs be cleaned before planting.

Also, be warned against botrytis, powdery mildew, rust and aphids. If you have noticed these pests, immediately treat them. Diseases like these could easily spread to nearby bulbs. Remove and cut dead tops and affected bulbs to control the infestation. Consult experts if you are unsure on how you could treat pests and fungal growth. You could ask the local nurseries for help.

Having fresh and blooming flowers in your room and garden, can give you a relaxed feeling. Lilies make a great addition to home decoration and garden, and you do not have to spend that much money, time and effort.


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