Taking Care Of Potted Lilies Inside Your Home

If you are living in a country with cold weather and you want to enjoy the beauty of nature inside your house, then now is the best ti?me to consider keeping indoor lilies.

Lilies are ideal for outdoors but there are types that can survive in limited living conditions. There are actually small species of lilies that can be planted on pots. These don?t need so much sunlight compared to other varieties and they can even withstand limited air supply.

Getting started with indoor potted lilies

To be able to keep indoor potted lilies alive and healthy, it is a must that the owner knows basic indoor gardening. Much consideration should be given not only on the variety of lilies to be used but on the entire indoor set up for the plant.

Here are the things that you should keep in mind when you have decided to grow your very own indoor lilies:

? The type of container to be used. Since indoor lilies are usually placed in pots to make these space savers. It is also very important to know the most suitable types of container for these because the most suitable pot will ensure their healthy growth. The most ideal containers include those that have tapered bottom and sides to ensure that air and water will circulate very well. You can find these ready-made tapered trays and pots in the gardening areas of grocery stores. For those who are on tight on budget, you can recycle items such as empty juice cans, milk cartons, and other containers that can hold soil and water. Make sure that these recycled items have been cleaned thoroughly and have been sterilized well to avoid any contamination.

? The type of soil to be used. This is very important if you want to keep your indoor lilies alive since the soil will serve as the lifeline of the plant. It is a must that you know the most suitable soil that you can use so your potted lilies can get all the nutrients it need. Among all the types of soil available for indoor lilies, experts say that clay would be the best option. Since it has high water retention properties, clay can supply all the nutrients needed by indoor lilies despite restricted living conditions. The next best thing aside from clay is sand or the ordinary garden soil. Although it doesn?t have the same retention properties such as those in clay, sand can ensure the life of indoor lilies for as long as you replenish it with the right amount of organic matter.

? The area where it would be placed. Lilies are supposed to be placed outdoors where sunlight is directed at it. But for indoor lilies, it would be best to place the pot where it is not exposed to direct sunlight and out where there are sudden changes in temperature.

? Make sure that it is fertilized properly. For indoor potted lilies, it is ideal to maintain it with a 20-20-20 liquid fertilizer to ensure that its flowers will bloom.


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