Growing Hardy Lilies

Hardy lilies are mostly under-utilized in perennial gardens and container plantings. Not all people know that lilies are tough perennial plants. Once they have established themselves in your garden, they will continue to astound you for years even with very little care.

Like the other summer plants (dahlias, peonies, gladioli), lilies can be planted in the spring which can then blossom that very summer. Actually, the best assortment of varieties of the hardy lilies is available in the spring.

Also, the bulbs of these hardy lilies are very easy to plant and cultivate. Planting a wide variety of them will enhance your perennials and shrubs. Or, maybe you can start a new landscape garden.

Bloom time extension

One exciting way to extend the bloom time of your flowers is to plant a group of Asiatic lilies with a group of Oriental lilies. The surprise comes in with their different bloom time frames.

Once one group has finished its blossoming, the other group will begin a cycle of their own. (Also, try planting lilies in odd number groups of 3, 5, or 7 bulbs and watch the color combination of their flowers later.)

Some stats

Lilies are herbaceous flowering plants that normally develop from bulbs. There are about 110 species in the lily family.

All of them are large, showy perennial flowering plants that make great cut flowers for bouquets, table centerpieces and other arrangements. They are available in almost every color from the pure white fragrant Casa Blanca to the Landini, a nearly black lily.

Planting basics

Lilies thrive most in well-drained soil in sun-filled areas (or partly shaded depending on the variety). Ideally, the lily flowers and leaves are out in the sun while their roots are shaded from the heat. They need to be kept moist, too.

You can plant them either in the fall or spring, whenever the bulbs are available. After planting (6 to 10 inches apart and 4 to 6 inches deep into the soil), fertilize them lightly every month with 4-8-4 organic fertilizer just as the shoots emerge.

Stake and protect tall lilies from the wind. Remove blooms when they die and cut off the stems at ground level only when they are already brown, not still green.

How famous ones look like

Easter lilies have that classic trumpet-shaped flowers and that heavenly fragrance. They love hot coastal climates.

The flowers of Asiatic lilies are famous for their softest pastels to fiery reds and oranges. They can bloom for a long season and they like cool places. They are unscented.

The most popular cut flowers and garden perennials, the Oriental lilies have large flowers in white, pink and reds with a very intense fragrance. Cultivars vary from 18 inches to 6 feet tall.

Another tall lily, Trumpet lilies can grow up to 6 feet, sporting large fragrant flowers in midsummer. They also love cool temperatures.

Tiger lilies carry some of the most exotic-looking blooms around in spotted white, yellow, orange and red. In some varieties, the petal edges have lighter shades than those inside.

Hardy lilies are some of the world?s most favorite flowering plants. Words are not adequate but you can see for yourself why.


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